Here are some of the great Black Friday Deals that we have come across this year

Most of these products or services are products that we have been using in the office or are part of programs that we will be offering soon.


FullScript Cyber Monday

Our supplement partner FullScript will be having a big sale on Cyber Monday. We are not allowed to advertise the savings amount but there is going to be a larger than normal discount active for Cyber Monday that will last from November 29th through December 1st. Sign-up early so you get notified when the sale goes live.

DNA Testing

We have begun setting up relationships with a few DNA testing companies in order to facilitate personalized Health and Wellness programs as part of our new Health and Wellness practice, Quality Of Life Wellness, which we will be launching in the coming months. We have already set up practitioner accounts with The DNA Company and 3×4 Genetics so if you order tests through the links below, we should be able to access your results if needed. StrateGene by Seeking Health also has the ability to share your data with your practitioner.

I am currently testing my DNA with all 3 of these companies as they all offer there own unique way to use the data once the tests come back.

We recently partnered with The DNA Company to offer genetic testing services. They are also running a Black Friday special for a limited time.


$399 – $299

3x4 Genetics

3×4 Genetics is also offering a Black Friday deal from November 22nd through November 29th. The promotional price is $349 – $249. You currently have to contact us to order this test and cannot order it online, so send us an email if you are interested.

Dr. Ben Lynch’s StrateGene Genetic testing and report is currently on sale for $295 – $195
For more information or to purchase, click here.

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