I mentioned in a previous post that Dr. Dan Murphy provided us with a recommended reading list on nutrition at the chiropractic seminar that I attended at the beginning of December 2011. Dr. Murphy is known in the chiropractic profession as being one of the most intelligent men on the planet. Dr. Murphy regularly reviews the current literature and research studies and passes on this information on to the rest of the profession. You can find more information about Dr. Murphy at his website www.danmurphydc.com. Below are links to these books available at Amazon.com. For the purpose of full disclosure, these are affiliate links meaning we will receive a small commission from Amazon if you purchase these books from them. Most of these books, however, are probably available from your public library. I have not yet had a chance to read these books, but as I do, I will post individual reviews.

That is a pretty long list and I doubt that any of you are going to get all the way through that. There are a few textbooks in there with some pretty hefty price tags. Remember, I am not telling you to go out and buy these books. You can probably find many of them at the library. I put this list up because many of you have asked for recommendations on nutrition books. Dr. Dan Murphy is one of the top “Nutrition Guys” in the chiropractic profession and these are his current recommended readings. I am passing this on to you before I even get a chance to read these, so I would appreciate your feedback as you read any of these books.

I will try to get some more info up about these book as soon as I get a chance.