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We have begun to using GetFiveStars to compile our testimonials, but below are some of our older testimonials.

I made a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT in range of movement with a shoulder/neck problem and experienced DECREASED PAIN after visiting Ellis Chiropractic.

I was experiencing what felt like a pinched nerve somewhere in my shoulder area, stiffness in my neck and pain in my left shoulder. I saw Dr. Mitch Ellis who provided spinal (neck) manipulation, the use of a drop table (for my upper back) AND he recommended stretching exercises I could do on my own to increase range of motion. The exercises were easy for me to do and remember. After each visit I felt relaxed and pain free. I couldn’t be happier with the results after a series of visits!

The staff are friendly and helpful. They made my visits as easy as possible. If you are looking for a chiropractor; visit Ellis Chiropractic and see for yourself.

Pauline W.

“I have had back pain for 15 + years. I have seen multiple Doctors and Chiropractors. I found Dr. Ellis ( about 6 months ago )because he is conveniently located very close to my work and after just one week for the first time in years I am free from back/leg pain. I am only 35, but my whole life has been about sports and I have had multiple sports injuries. I really needed to get a lifelong plan in place to keep my back pain to a 0 and go back to living a very active life. The plan Dr. Ellis had was easy for my life, ( I am super busy ). I would see him 2-3 times for about 2 weeks, then Massage with Corey, then miraculously… my back feels great and no more leg pain. I wish I would have found him years ago!!!!

Bonus: One day I mentioned to him that I had tennis elbow… He even cured that!! I had no idea he dealt with all kinds of sports injuries. After all these years of pain and not being able to do all the things I use to do… I finally am 100%!! I still see him about once a month just to make sure I am intact, I call it “maintenance”. I also love that I can call him and get in asap. SUPER convenient! Best Chiropractor and staff ever!!”

Shelly M.